xhaust gas cleaning systems, abatement systems and scrubber from SemiAn. Company and Product Overview

SemiAn Technology is represented in Europe by
Crystec Technology Trading GmbH

Exhaust gas systems. Product Overview

Our partner SemiAn Technology is a special manufacturing company that produces the abatement treatment systems of toxic gases after processing. SemiAn has developed LCD, R&D and Fab Line gas scrubber systems to apply clean environment and high efficiency for toxic gases abatement treatment. SemiAn people bring a wide range of field experience to all aspects of semiconductor equipments. SemiAn offers lower costs, faster responses and experienced solutions to toxic gas treatment. Flexibility in responding to various customer requirements makes SemiAn a key player in management's most reliable maintenance and technology. The company goals are to reduce overall coasts, to minimize down time of the equipment and to provide best quality. SemiAn can provide many technical data in order to prove the performance of the equipment.

SemiAn is located it the Chungnam-Techno Park in Cheonan-City.

 SemiAn Technology can offer the following types of gas scrubber systems:

Here is an overview over the most common models. You can find more details on the separate pages about wet scrubber, burn and wet scrubber, for the thermic decomposition of toxic compounds and dust removal by a washer and about dry scrubber, using catalyst for the adsorption of toxic compounds.

Product Overview

Model Technology Gas flow Remark
SSW 200 Wet Type 200 slm for soluble gases
SBW 100 / SBW 200 Burn and Wet Type 200-400 slm basic version
SBW 201 / SBW 202 Burn and Wet Type 800-1200 slm 2 or 3 burning units in parallel
SWB 200 Burn and Wet Type 200-400 slm additional, initial wet cleaner
SSD 50 / SSD 100 / SSD 200 Chemisorption 50 - 400 slm automatic bypass function
SBD 200 Burn and Adsorption 200 slm special application
MIDAS I Gas Burner and Wet Cleaning 200 slm for PFCs
MIDAS II Burn and Cool
200 slm
dry exhaust gas cleaning