Vertical furnaces for research, developement, and small runs of mixed components

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A Furnace for R&D, and small runs of mixed components

The VF-1000 has been designed specially for use in experiments and the production of small runs of various items. This popular vertical furnace offers outstanding cost performance and can be used in a wide range of applications, including the processing of 300mm wafers.


The VF-1000, upgraded to process semiconductors, is based on the Micro-series vertical furnace (Micro TF), originally designed as a low-cost/multipurpose/compact unit. The only manual operation is the loading of the wafers: all other functions are identical to those featured in our upstream models. The operation is extremely simple - even an untrained person can quickly master the VF-1000.


1. Cost
Outstanding cost performance.

2. Performance
Apart from wafer transfer, all other VF-1000 processing functions are identical to those of our larger models.
The VF-1000 uses our own LGO heater unit.

3. System controller
Two type of system controller, DP-1000 and MODEL 9700, are available. DP-1000 controls simply temperature and valves. MODEL 9700 has several other functions including MFC controller, display works background, network system(able to connect 16 units).

4. Compact
A compact footprint allows the VF-1000 to be installed even in small laboratories.

5. Multifunctional
Options can be added to the basic VF-1000 system to upgrade its performance for LPCVD (Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition) processing and other high-end applications.




VF-1000 : Atmospheric process
VF-1000LP : LPCVD process

Model VF-1000 V55X069 VF-1000 V35X058 VF-1000 V30X052
Wafer size 300mm 8" <6"
Furnace Dimension (mm) W1800xD1400xH2300 W1500xD1000xH2100 W1500xD1000xH2100
Batch size (Wafers) 13 25 25
General operation temperature (°C) 300 - 1150 300 - 1150 300 - 1150
Flat zone length (mm) 150 250 160
Control zone (zones) 3 3 3


VF-1000 Atmospheric processes VF-1000LP LPCVD processes(Pump cabinet can be put behind the furnace)

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Compact Body with Various Functions!

The "VF-3000" has been developed as a vertical furnace with condensed various functions which are required for the polyimide curing and other semiconductor processes. The compact body with high cost performance will realize a stable production environment. This vertical furnace was developed for customers who need a furnace for Research and Development which is cost-efficient but also meets higher requirements like an automatic loading of the wafers. A manual loading has the risk of a contemination of the wafer. Consequently, the VF-300 is a product in between the small VF-1000 furnace with manual loading and our larger fully automated furnaces for mass production.


High cost performance
(Approx. 50% of mass production system)

Saving footprint
(Approx 70% of mass production system)

Full automatic transfer of water (15 min./batch)

Ultra clean (Atmosphere in the furnace: Class 1)

High performance LGO Heater has been mounted.


Model VF-3000
Max. Operation Temp 1150 °C
Uniform Heating Length 500mm
Temp. Accuracy +/-1 °C at 300 - 600 °C
Max. Ramp up Rate +/-30 °C/min
Max. Ramp down Rate -10 °C/min (Forced cooling system)
Temp. Control PID control with inner thermocouple
Casing Dimension W1200 x D1400 x H2550 mm
Batch Size 8"x50pcs., 6"x75pcs
Cassette Stock 4pcs.
Wefer Transfer Single arm/ scholar type robot / single wafer transfer
System Controller Model 880

System Configuration

LGO Heater Saving Energy LGO Heater Stability at low temperature

Crystec Technology Trading GmbH, Germany,, +49 8671 882173, FAX 882177

All JTEKT Thermo Systems (previously Koyo Thermo Systems) furnaces are CE certified.

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JTEKT Thermo Systems and Crystec will be pleased to engineer a cost effective system to satisfy your most demanding and exacting requirements.