Термическая обработка и обработка карбида кремния SiC в высокотемпературных печах и RTP-системах

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Производство интегральных схем SiC карбида кремния

Silicon carbide is a wide band semiconductor material with special properties, which allows operation at high temperature and is is particularly suitable for power semiconductors. The fast and efficient switching of high voltages and currents, high breakdown voltage, good radiation resistivity and high thermal conductivity are the positive properties of silicon carbide. Disadvantages are the high costs and the high temperature, required for processing.
Very critical are the thermal processes for electrical activation of dopants Al, B (p-doping), N or P (n-doping). The furnaces for silicon carbide processing must be able to reach up to 2000°C, while for the production of circuits from silicon or GaAs temperatures up to 1200°C are usually sufficient. Only recently, vertical furnaces using MoSi
2 heaters or graphite heaters are available in the market.

Thermal Processes in SiC Technology

As well as in the production of silicon circuits, the production of SiC circuits contains several thermal processes:

Activation of dopants after ion implantation

Thermal oxidation with dry or wet oxygen

Deposition of LPCVD-oxide from TEOS (Tetraethoxysilane)

Deposition of Oxynitride

PDA (post deposition anneal) of evaporated metallic layers

Short term contact annealing

Activation arrow High Temperature Furnace 2000°C
Oxynitriding arrow High Temperature LPCVD Furnace 1400°C
TEOS-Deposition arrow High Temperature LPCVD Furnace 1350°C
Thermal Oxidation arrow Vertical Furnace 1200°C
PDA (post deposition anneal) Annealing arrow RTP System 1100°C
Contact Annealing arrow RTP System 1000°C

Heater for JTEKT (previously Koyo)-Furnaces

JTEKT designs and manufactures its own patented heating elements with special properties. Ordered by increasing temperature can JTEKT offer the following heaters:

Heating elements

LGO Heizelement
LGO heater
120°C - 1150 °C

HGC Heizelement
HGC heater
400°C - 1250 °C

MoSi2 Heizelement
MoSi2 heater
up to 1400 °C

Carbon heater
up to 2000 °C

Equipment Pictures

We can offer small, manually loaded equipment for research and development, as well as fully automatic machines, working from cassette to cassette, for mass production. We show here some pictures of production systems.

Hochtemperaturofen für SiC F&E
High temperature furnace for SiC R&D

Hochtemperaturofen SiC Pilotproduktion
High temperature furnace for SiC Pilot Line

Hochtemperaturofen SiC Massenproduktion
High temperature furnace for SiC Mass Production

RTP-Anlage SiC F&E
RTP system for

automatische SiC RTP-Anlage
Automatic SiC RTP

We are pleased to offer you a suitable system for your application, eventually also used equipment. We can also do test runs for you in the various application centers of our partner companies. Please contact us!