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Koyo Thermo Systems is represented in Europe by
Crystec Technology Trading GmbH

Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd. Company Overview

Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd. is a large, globally focused company, headquartered in Nara, Japan and is exclusively represented in Europe by Crystec Technology Trading GmbH, Altötting, Germany.

KTS air view KTS research building

Semiconductors manufacturing plant

Furnace plant for the electronics industry

Forschung und Entwicklung
Plant for the developing equipment

Industrial furnace plant

In July 1958, the company began as a joint venture between Lindberg business division of General Signal, a world leader in the production of semiconductor manufacturing devices and of Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd., one of the world's largest bearing manufacturers. The goal was the starting of domestic production of industrial thermal processing furnaces in Japan. By July 1967, in order to expand the technological and sales ability of the division, it was reorganized into an independent company and renamed Koyo Lindberg Co., Ltd. The company combined the best of U.S. manufacturing technology with Japanese attention to detail and high quality, to supply the domestic and overseas markets with better products. With the technical cooperation of the companies, Koyo Lindberg was able to meet the needs of manufacturers of steel, automobiles, electrical and electronic components, LSIs and FPDs.
After the take over of General Signal by SPX, in April 1999 the 31 years and 9 months of this joint venture was broken up and absorbed into a new organization. The company belonged then 100% to Koyo Seiko. From October 1999, the company began under a new name: Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd. In January 2006, Koyo Seiko merged with Toyoda Machine Works. Both companies belonged to Toyota group. The new company was renamed to JTEKT. Koyo Thermo Systems is now a 100% subsidiary of JTEKT and will achieve further breakthroughs to create the thermal processing of tomorrow.

Koyo History

Here is a tabular overview over Koyo Thermo Systems's history:

July 1958 Lindberg business division of Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. established
July 1959 Lindberg's first Japanese-manufactured batch carburization furnace furnace completed
April 1961 Lindberg plant constructed at Nakagawa-cho in Ikuno-ku, Osaka
July 1967 Koyo Lindberg Co., Ltd. established
August 1970 Tempress Japan Co., Ltd. established
October 1971 Plant relocated to Kabata-cho, Tenri-shi (present location)
March 1977 Furnace plant expanded
May 1979 Manufacture of Moldatherm heaters in Japan begins
October 1981 Koyo Lindberg absorbs Tempress Japan
January 1984 Plant to manufacture semiconductor production devices built
September 1984 Electronics industry furnace plant constructed. Plants reorganized to produce related products
May 1985 Moldatherm production facilities expanded
August 1985 Clean room (Class 10) built in the semiconductor testing and development wing
June 1986 Yuzaki Plant constructed in Siki-gun in Nara-ken
June 1992 Complete upgrading of semiconductor production device plant (Class 1,000)
August 1993 Expansion of clean room (Class 10) at the semiconductor testing and development wing
September 1993 Construction of a head office building at the Yuzaki Plant to combine head office and plant at the same location
January 1995 Crystec Technology Trading GmbH is appointed exclusive sales and service representative for Europe
April 1996 KLSK (Koyo Lindberg Semiconductor Korea) established in South Korea
November 1997 Korean office of Koyo Lindberg established in South Korea
January 1998 KLLA (Koyo Lindberg Asia) established in Taiwan
June 1998 Koyo Lindberg Thai office opened in Thailand
July 1998 Granted ISO-9001 certification by the JQA (JQA2529)
April 1999 Joint venture with General Signal Group dissolved. Koyo Seiko takes over 100%.
October 1999 The company has been renamed to Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd.
2001 A new building for the manufacturing of Moldatherm heating elements has been built
January 2006 The mother company Koyo Seiko merges with Toyoda Machine Works and is renamed to JTEKT
April 2012 The new R&D center has been inaugurated.

Furnaces for the Semiconductor Industry

Koyo Thermo Systems gathered a lot of experience in furnace technology for semiconductor applications. Up to now they sold more than 3400 horizontal tubes and more than 330 vertical furnaces. For special applications Koyo Thermo Systems is the world market leader.
Koyo Thermo System operates an application center in Tenri, Nara Prefecture in a cleanroom class 10. Customers can do test runs on various vertical furnaces and RTP systems in this laboratoy.


Heat treatment for electronic industry

There is no doubt that electronic parts have contributed to the dynamic growth of industries. Firing operation plays an important role in the processes of manufacture of electronic parts. Koyo Thermo Systems enjoys the position of top maker of firing furnaces, ranging from R & D type to mass production type, as experienced in various applications and new innovations for high level of automation, high precision control, easiness of maintenance, saving of energy and so forth in order to meet the requirements quickly for solution. As a comprehensive manufacturer in heat technology, Koyo Thermo Systems continues to develop ideal equipment to meet the requirements by electronics parts industries for higher integration and complexity.

Furnaces for solar cell manufacturing

In solar cell manufacturing most frequently conveyer furnaces and tube furnaces (mainly horizontal furnaces) are used. Both types of furnaces can be supplied by Koyo Thermo Systems. Now also a special vertical furnace is available for photovoltaic applications.

Furnaces for the production of flat panel displays

Koyo Thermo Systems is the leader in heat treatment processing of FPDs (Flat Panel Displays). Koyo Thermo Systems supplies equipment for the production of LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays), incl. equipment for the production of STN displays (super twisted nematic displays) and AMLCDs (active matrix liquid crystal displays) or TFT displays (thin film transistor displays).

Furnaces for the ceramic industry

Koyo Thermo Systems is producing different types of furnaces for applications in the ceramic industry like drying, de-binding, continuous firing and sintering. Koyo Thermo Systems has a lot of experience in this field and for de-binding and firing applications, Koyo Thermo Systems is the market leader in Japan. We can show a long reference list to you on request.

Please have a look at the Koyo Thermo Systems Product Range.

Koyo Thermo Systems

Koyo Lindberg

Koyo Lindberg Ltd. has been renamed to
Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd. effective October 1999.

Koyo Thermo Systems