Fours blancs avec filtres HEPA

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Fours Blancs

A separate division of JTEKT Thermo Systems (previously Koyo Thermo Systems) Thermo Systems produces all types of ovens and furnaces for laboratory applications. These ovens and furnaces can be customized to meet total customer requirements.

JTEKT Thermo Systems is a specialist for the design of clean ovens. These ovens are designed as conventional ovens, partially equipped with HEPA filters in order to keep the furnace chamber free of particles.

HEPA Filters (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) are now the primary filtration systems for electronic and flat panel display clean room assembly, or any application where maximum reduction or removal of sub micron particulates is required. HEPA filters have a deep bed of randomly positioned micro glass fibers, in which the total bed depth (thickness of the filter) is very large in comparison to the average fiber diameter and effective pore of free path cross section.

The passages through the HEPA filter which the gas must flow are not straight, but are very tortuous. As particulate impact on the fibers and adhere to them, the passages become smaller and the filter increase in efficiency.

JTEKT Thermo Systems uses these filters in clean box ovens described here as well as in special conveyor furnaces for the LCD industry. In order to protect the filters against overheating in the oven a special protection system for the filters is implemented. The HEPA filter maintains its efficiency in the oven under normal conditions for one to several years. HEPA does not require any cleaning or maintenance to maintain this efficiency.

For the use in the semiconductor industry.
  • High temperature version of the clean furnace.
  • Available for temperatures up to 450°C or up to 500°C.
  • Heat exchanger for HEPA filter.
  • Temp. uniformity up to ± 4°C.
  • Special version for baking of non-photosensitive polyimide.

Reinofen, Reinöfen CLH

Clean oven for processing in clean atmosphere
  • Integrated HEPA filter.
  • Temperatures up to 350°C
  • Temp. uniformity up to ± 5°C.

Schrankofen, Schranköfen CLO

This unit is equipped with various gas inlet circuits.
  • Temperature up to 600°C.
  • Uniformity of ± 8°C.
  • Oxygen can be kept <20ppm.
  • Programmable controller.Combination with exhaust gas firing possible.
  • Inside dimension up to 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm3

Inertgasofen, Inertgasöfen, INH

Ultra high temperature oven.
  • Temperatures up to 700°C.
  • Uniformity of ± 8°C.
  • Heat up to 700°C in 90 min.
  • Air exhaust circuit available.

Hochtemperaturofen, Hochtemperaturöfen UTO

Automatic loaded clean oven for 300mm wafer.
  • Clean oven based on CLH-21 series
  • 300mm wafer available
  • FOUP I/O available
  • Automatic wafer transfer
  • 50 wafers/Batch x 2-ovens.

automatisierter Ofen SO2

For furnace control we use in Europe mainly program controller from the company of Stange, which enable beside temperature control also gas flow control via MFCs (mass flow controller) and allows integration of gas sensors, e.g. for oxygen measurement. As an option, data coupling with a PC can be offered, which allows long term data storage as well as statistical process control SPC, recipe management and process visualization.

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