Company Location

JTEKT Thermo Systems is represented in Europe by
Crystec Technology Trading GmbH

Tenri, Nara Japan - Home Town of JTEKT Thermo Systems (previously Koyo Thermo Systems)

JTEKT Thermo Systems is located in a wonderful area, in Tenri, Nara prefecture. Nara is located east of Osaka.


Nara is very close to two airports: Itami National Airport (ITA) and Kansai International Airport (KIX). Kansai airport has been built on a man-made island in the sea and there are many non-stop connections to Europe available from this airport.

Nara and nearby Kyoto are two of the main touristic attractions in Japan. Nara has been the capital of Japan 710 - 784, before Kyoto became the capital for more than 1000 years. In Nara and Kyoto you will find the highest number of temples, shrines and other Japanese attractions. Please learn more about the the area by visiting the Japan-Guide.

Two famous buildings in Nara are Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga Shrine:

Todaiji is truly one of the greatest sights to see in Japan. Founded in the mid-8th century, it houses the 53 feet tall, bronze statue of the Daibutsu (Great Buddha). The temple complex was built in 745-752 A.D. by Emperor Shomu. The Daibutsuden (Hall of Great Buddha) is the largest wooden structure in the world (157 feet high x 187 feet long). Yet, it is amazing to realize that the present one is one-third smaller than the original building. The present hall was rebuilt in 1709 after it was destroyed in a fire.
Kasuga was founded in 768 as a tutelary shrine for the Fujiwaras, a prominent feudal family. It is famous for the more than 2,000 stone lanterns that line the major pathlines to the shrine, all of which are lit three times a year on special festival days. The sacred dear of this shrine are protected, and they roam freely about the grounds.

Please inform us, if you intend to visit JTEKT Thermo Systems and we will organize accommodation and pick-up for you.