Four de gaz inerte avec chauffage convection pour déliantage des pièces céramiques et MIM

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600°C Inert Gas Oven INH Series

Oven Type INH

The convection type INH inert gas oven or kiln can be used for many applications, which need heating in an oxygen-free atmosphere. In addition to protective gas or inert gas such as nitrogen (N2) and argon (Ar), these can also be operated under air. This oven can been used e.g. for firing LCD glasses, inert metal treatment, surface hardening, drying, annealing, baking and so forth of various materials and parts. Heating of the gas is performed in an external heater. The heated gas is then flowed through the chamber in a laminar gas stream. The gas enters the main chamber through a perforated wall. The size of the holes can be adjusted in order to achieve a very good temperature uniformity inside the furnace chamber. The gas leaves the main chamber by another perforated wall at the opposite side and is circulated back to the heater. Some fresh gas is always added to the main gas stream and same amount of gas leaves the oven by the exhaust gas duct. The main chamber consists of stainless steel and allows the installation of several shelf levels. Max. temperature is 600°C. The oxygen level can be reduced to less than 20ppm.
For furnace control we use in Europe mainly program controller from the company of Stange, which enables beside temperature control also gas flow control via MFCs (mass flow controller) and allows integration of gas sensors, e.g. for oxygen measurement. As an option, data coupling with a PC can be offered, which allows long term data storage as well as statistical process control SPC, recipe management and process visualization.

inert gas oven for debindering

Debinding or debindering of ceramics and MIM parts

The first step in the manufacturing of technical ceramics is the formation of a green body. In most cases artificial raw material is used. The green body contains beside the ceramic powder normally also moisture and organic binders. This green body has to be dried. Then all organic materials, which are volatile, and can be evaporated or burned have to be removed from the ceramic green body. This process is called debinding or decarbonization. Binder burnout is a very critical process and requires a carefully selected anneal recipe. This is the more important the larger the green body is. Temperature profile, pressure, gas atmosphere and anneal time need to be well balanced. Careless heat treatment of the porous green bodies could result in defects such as warps and cracks. Especially in the beginning of the process, slow heat ramping is necessary in order to avoid sudden evaporation of organic components. The debinding process starts already at room temperature and is finished normally at 600°C. Oxygen can accelerate the decomposition of the binder and therefore shorten the debinding process.
Metal injection molding MIM uses a similar process. In this case, fine metallic powder is mixed with organic binder and pressed into a form. Then the body has to be dryed and finally the binder has to be removed in a debinding oven or kiln.

Especially for this application, JTEKT Thermo Systems (previously Koyo Thermo Systems) developed a special version of the INH-51 oven for debindering. This version has several special features which make it predestined for this application:

Beside the box oven INH, also several versions of conveyor furnaces can be used for this process. In this case, the process is continously and can be combined with the following sintering process.

Exhaust gas firing system
For the debinding process, the INH oven is usually combined with an exhaust gas firing system model GM. The organic cracking products are mixed with air and burned at high temperature. Single and twin models of this burner are available. One or two ovens or kilns can be connected.
abatement, exhaust gas firing equipment GM for cracking products from debinding

INH oven sizes
Temperature range (°C) 60 ~ 600 60 ~ 600 60 ~ 600 60 ~ 600 60 ~ 600 60 ~ 600
Temperature uniformity (°C) ± 8 at 600 ± 8 at 600 ± 8 at 600 ± 8 at 600 ± 8 at 600 ± 8 at 600
Heating rate (max.) (RT - 600°C) 120 Min. 90 Min. 90 Min. 90 Min. 90 Min. 90 Min.
Dimensions inside (WxHxD) mm 450 x 450 x 450 600 x 500 x 500 600 x 600 x 500 600 x 600 x 600 800 x 800 x 800 1000 x 1000 x 1000
Dimensions outside (WxHxD) mm 1105 x 1650 x 840 1255 x 1700 x 1020 1255 x 1800 x 1020 1255 x 1800 x 1120 1550 x 1820 x 800 1800 x 2115 x 1570
Power Consumption (W) 8100 12600 12600 12600 26200 45800
Weight (kg) 450 650 680 700 900 1500
Cooling Water (l/min) 2 2 2 2 2 2

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