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Crystec Technology Trading GmbH

Crystec Technology Trading GmbH is a European trading company, selling machines for semiconductor production, the production of LCDs or liquid crystal displays, the production of fuel cells and solar cells, industrial ovens, gas generators and oven accessories for corresponding systems
For most manufacturing processes described below, we can offer beside the products of our main partners also equipment from other manufacturers. Please ask us!

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Die Firma Crystec

Anlagen für die Halbleiterindustrie

Anlagen für die Solarindustrie

Anlagen für die LCD Industrie

Anlagen für Brennstoffzellen
       Fuel Cell        

Anlagen für Industrie÷fen
Industrial furnaces

 Gas Technology  



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Crystec Technology Trading GmbH

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Semiconductor Manufacturing

Machines for Semiconductor Industry

  1. Manufacturing SiC electronic
  1. Semiconductor Furnaces
  2. Semiconductor Furnaces
Factory Automation
  1. AGVs, automatic guided vehicles
  2. FOUP Stocker

Anlagen für die Halbleiterindustrie

Anlagen für die Halbleiterindustrie
Anlagen für die Halbleiterindustrie
Anlagen für die Halbleiterindustrie
Solar cell-Manufacturing

Equipment for solar cell manufacturing

  1. Equipment for the solar industry

Thermal processes

  1. Furnaces for doping of solar cells
  2. Furnaces for metallization of solar cells
  3. Furnace for the activation treatment of CdTe thin film solar cells
  4. Furnace for selenisation and sulfurisation of chalkopyrite CIGS
Anlagen für die Solarindustrie

Machines for manufacturing LCD, OLED & DSSC

  1. Manufacturing of flat screens
  2. Manufacturing of smart windows

LCD manufacturing processes

  1. Screen Printing- and flexo printing machines
  2. Rubbing machine: Orientation of polyimide layer
  3. Spacer Spray Equipment
  4. Vacuum assembly machine OLED, DSSC & e-paper
  5. ODF-Technology
  6. Autoclaves for removing gas bubbles
  7. LCD Assembly machine and hot press
  8. Manufacturing Micro LED Displays
  9. FPD Furnaces
  10. UV cleaning technology
  11. Scribe and Break Machines
Anlagen für die LCD-industrie
Fuel cell and battery manufacturing

Machines for manufacturing fuel cells and batteries

  1. Fuel cell manufacturing
  2. Battery manufacturing
Industrial furnaces

Industrial furnaces manufacturing

Industrial furnaces

  1. Industrial furnaces: Overview equipment for automotiv industry
  2. Hardening and Tempering Furnaces. Thermal treatment of steel
  3. Furnaces for Steel Treatment
  4. Conveyor furnaces
  5. Moldatherm® High temperature heating elements

Thermal treatment of glass & ceramic

  1. Sintering Furnaces for powder metallurgy and technical ceramic
  2. Ceramic Furnaces: Industrial production of ceramic components
  3. Tempering Furnaces for the tempering of glass

Gas Technology

Gas Technology

Gas generators and gas treatment

  1. Ammonia Cracker: Generation of hydrogen/forming gas
  2. PSA Purifier: Hydrogen purification
  3. Nitrogen Generator: Production of N2 from air
  4. Oxygen Generator: Production of O2 from air
  5. Methanol Reformer: Hydrogen Generation
  6. Electrolyser: Production of hydrogen
  7. Endo gas generator: Formation of endothermic gas
  8. Exo gas generator: Generation of exothermic gas

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

  1. Product overview
  2. Wet scrubber for the exhaust gas cleaning
  3. Burn and Wet Scrubber Series
  4. Plasma-Scrubber and Washer: Removal of FCKW, FKW & SF6
  5. Dry Scrubber Series


Furnace accessories

  1. Heating elements
  2. Kiln furniture, special ceramic
Anlagen für die Halbleiterindustrie