Process gas humidifier with dew point control for humidifying process gas.

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Process gas humidifier with dew point control

This wet gas device is laid out to humidify process gas and adjust exactly a special dew point. It is designed for humidification of process gases in ovens, furnaces and other process tools. The gas is mixed into the DI water by a rotating stirrer. The dwell time of the gas in the water is rather high and very accurate results can be achieved therefore. The transfer of the wet gas is achieved by a heated process gas line. The content of moisture can be measured by a dew point meter. The flow control is done by the furnace control system, using either flow meters or MFCs.
wet gas device           humidifier graphics

This equipment is designed for operation under atmospheric pressure only (no overpressure, no low pressure) and has a small pressure loss due to the centrifugal action of the rotor. The heating of the water tank can be done either electrically or by heating coil. The tempering of a heating coil requires an external temperature control unit, but can be used also for cooling the water by a chiller, enabling the setting of a dew point between 2░C and 80░C.
The humidifier is mostly used for humidification of inert gases. For the humidification of hydrogen, an ex-protected version is available. In this case, a compressed air motor is used for the rotor and indirect heating or cooling is selected.
The tank can be made of plastic or stainless steel. Size and gas flow of the system can be widely adapted to your needs.


For abatement of water steam you can either use a wet scrubber or in case of larger amounts of steam a special steam condensor:
steam condensor